Annual Re-examinations

As a Section 8 tenant, you will have an Annual Re-examination. You will receive a letter informing you when your meeting is scheduled. Updated documentation should be brought: 1) Income/Asset Questionnaire, 2) Last three paystubs, 3) Bank Statement for Checking and Savings, 4) Social Security letter(s), 5) Medical Expenses, 6) Childcare Expenses. A date will be set up for a unit inspection if required. This would be a good time to inform us if you are thinking of moving.


Read your lease to make sure how much notice your landlord requires. Write your landlord a letter giving intent to move. Have the landlord sign it and give a copy to your HCV representative. You can not owe the landlord or utility companies any money. You will need a Request for Tenancy Form to be filled out by the new landlord. An inspection will be set up. A new lease and HAP contract needs to be signed and given to the HCV Rep.


An issued voucher gives you the opportunity to move to another Public Housing Authority (PHA) within the terms of your current lease. You must give the initial PHA and landlord 30 day notice that you intend to move.

See the Guidelines for Section 8 Portability.


Tenants must report to the Housing Authority WITHIN 10 DAYS IN WRITING ANY JOB CHANGE, ANY CHANGE IN INCOME AND/OR ASSETS, ALLOWANCES, OR if they begin engaging in the selling of goods or services This includes reporting benefits and other non-earned income paid on behalf of minors and ALL income from household members when they reach the age of 18 (including full time students). An interim meeting will be scheduled to bring in documentation verification and sign forms.



HCV Application

Income/Asset Questionnaire


Request for Tenancy


Guidelines for Section 8 Portability