Frequently Asked Questions

Pine Ridge Marquette & Lake Superior Village:

Income based housing FAQ’s

How do I get an application?

Applications are available at the office of each property location, on this website under the respective property (MHC Properties) and in the forms menu under Tenant Tools.

How do I know if I or my family is eligible for the waitlist?

You will receive notification within 10 days of submitting your application that will inform you of eligibility status. Typically, this notification is a written letter mailed to applicants. If no mailing address was provided on the application, MHC will contact you via phone or email.

How long is the waitlist?

The wait varies by property or bedroom size. To receive the best timeframe MHC recommends contacting the housing office. Applicants are placed on the waitlist according to preference points. Wait time varies according to MHC preference points, it is hard to determine wait without seeing a completed application.

What happens if I am not eligible for the waitlist?

All applicants have the right to an informal review. This form will be provided to you when you receive your letter of ineligibility. Applicants will be given 10 days to request the informal review based on ineligibility.

What is the next step after being placed on the waitlist?

MHC staff will contact you and schedule an appointment to complete additional paperwork as your household approaches the top of the waitlist to determine final housing eligibility.

What is required for final housing eligibility?

All household members must provide original Social Security Cards and original Birth Certificates. Picture identification is also required for household members over 18 years of age only. MHC will verify former landlords, income, assets and expenses. MHC will also run a credit and criminal background screening. You will be given notification of final housing eligibility in a timely manner.

We recommend you call the housing offices for any further questions as we look forward to hearing from you.

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